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Does Weight Loss Plateau?

He removes sodium from a fighter’s diet and offers herbal diuretics that include potassium to replenish lost nutrients. He’ll also have a fighter taper water consumption over several days — two gallons on Tuesday, one gallon on Wednesday, occasional sips when thirsty on Thursday. The day before the weigh in, Lockhart takes carbohydrates out of fighter’s diet and “cleans out” his or her intestinal tract. On that final night, fighters sometimes work out or take a hot bath. He monitors vitals, including body temperature and blood pressure, throughout the process. “Ten pounds in four days is like a hiccup,” Lockhart said. “What Floyd’s talking elyze about, it just shows he’s probably never cut weight before.” But dropping weight that fast — even “just” 10 pounds — draws concerns from doctors. Dr. Larry Lovelace, a ringside physician in California, told STAT several fighters have died over the past few years from the practice, which athletic officials have called “ the biggest problem in the sport ” today. A 2013 study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that 39 percent of MMA fighters studied experienced “significant or serious dehydration” before their fights. Lovelace said the body doesn’t fully rehydrate for at least two days — well after a fight ends. That means fighters could experience muscle cramps and loss in agility while in the ring, he said. “It only takes 2 percent dehydration to impair elyze your performance,” Lovelace said.

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